It has been long (ignore this filler)

I realized that I havent written anything in the past 4 months.. thats a long time given that I want to articulate!
Well better now than later.. some more to follow then..
In fact, one in just a while.. (I will have to fill in some gaps in between, so posts wouldn’t be chronologically arranged, but hopefully useful content)

Do I want to do this..?

I’ve been contemplating this for over a year..! Not sure what stopped me from doing this. Want to start now. Don’t ask why, but.. its an unusual day for me to start but its 1/11/11 today, guess not bad for a 1st blog.

Am just confused about what I should write about… I guess I would blog about varied things.. sometimes about the tech world, sometimes something about photography, sometimes (more often for now I guess) about my preparations towards moving to HEC Paris for a 16 month MBA (believe me, anyone who’s been through this already, knows there’s a lot one can share, yet leave out much to be desired)
So the next one might have anything among these…