What it takes to be a great leader (via TedTalk)

Interesting perspective into “What it takes to be a great leader” by Roselinde Torres

  • Are prepared to anticipate change?
  • Do you attempt to diversify your network?
  • Are you courageous to abandon the past?

Design for people, not awards – Timothy Prestero @ TEDxBoston

“Timothy Prestero thought he’d designed the perfect incubator for newborns in the developing world — but his team learned a hard lesson when it failed to go into production. A manifesto on the importance of designing for real-world use, rather than accolades. (Filmed at TEDxBoston.)…”

Product Design for actual use > outcomes > manufacturing & distribution > appearances? Interestingly said, there are no dumb users, rather dumb products. Its a great 10 minute piece. Have fun listening to it.